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Wall Mounting Bracket for Crossray Electric BBQ - TCE22HT

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Wall Mounting Bracket for Crossray Electric BBQ - TCE22HT

Powerup your grilling experience 
with the custom-designed Wall Mount for your Crossray TCE22HT electric grill. This sturdy and stylish bracket transforms your grill into a permanent grilling station, offering unbeatable convenience and maximizing your outdoor space.

Unlock a World of Grilling Benefits:

  • Effortless Convenience: Mount your grill once and enjoy the ease of a dedicated grilling zone, always ready for action.
  • Space Optimization: Free up valuable patio space by reclaiming the floor area your grill previously occupied.
  • Personalized Grilling: Mount your TCE22HT at the perfect height for comfortable and ergonomic grilling, every time.
  • Built to Last: Constructed with high-quality materials, this bracket ensures your Crossray grill is securely mounted for years to come.
  • Seamless Integration: The sleek design of the wall mount complements your Crossray grill, creating a polished and unified look on your patio.
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