Artusi 316 and the Tucker Horizon 316

Artusi 316 and the Tucker Horizon 316

Artusi 316 and the Tucker Horizon 316

It can be a bit to see the differences between the Artusi 316 4 burner and the Tucker Horizon 316 online but there are a few important ones.

Both have a Flat lid or Hood option. A hood will have some advantages in that you can roast, cook hood closed and there is a warming rack to help keep food warm and serve from the BBQ.

Both BBQs are installed into the top of a bench and so offer a low-profile look. While there is not much difference in the look of the flat lid models most people when seeing the two hooded BBQs in the showroom feel the Artusi is the better looking with its slicker Italian styling. 

316 Stainless Stainless

Both BBQs are 316 Stainless Stainless and 316 is used in a marine environment, But the Stainless is very different on these two BBQs with the Artusi Stainless being a highly polished gloss finish whereas the Tucker has a thicker stainless with a commercial mat finish. The Gloss finish does look very smart but if your BBQ is outdoors the gloss finish is more susceptible to scratches and water spots. It will require care when cleaning to ensure one does not scratch the steel. The Tucker stainless does not require just a gentle hand when cleaning.

Plate and Grill - Cooking area

Artusi 850mm x 480mm

Tucker 630 x 450mm.

Artusi plates and grills are made of cast Iron. The 4 burner model does come with one 420mm x 480mm plate and x2 grills 210mm wide each. This is a good setup in that the cooking area is Interchangeable as it can be set up with a 50/50 spit or plate in the middle and grill on either side. 

The Horizon has a 5mm thick stainless plate and thick stainless grills. The plate is 410 grade as this has been found to give the best performance in a stainless plate and the Grills are 304 stainless. The plate and grill setup is a bit different. It is a horizontal setup with the plate at the front and the grill at the back. This does feel a bit different at first, but after cooking on it, it will make sense as you fit more food with this size cooking area.


Stainless vs Cast Iron needs a longer conversation, but basically, as a rough rule stainless will last longer and is easier to clean and while most people prefer stainless grills many people like to cook on a cast iron plate as they find it retains and heats up better. This would be true in the Artusi as it does not have a high output. The Tucker has very powerful double burner that covers the whole plate so it does not have issues with heating up or retaining of heat.

Important to note that cast iron will take on taste and flavour so stainless can be better if you are cooking seafood.

NOTE: With both BBQs, you can get extra grill packs to make the BBQ all grill, but you cannot make them all plate as they need the airflow to the firebox. To make all plates will damage the bbq. 

The Hood

Both BBQs have temperature gauges in the hoods and a stainless warming rack.

Tucker has a window in the hood. The Artusi has no window but does have an Enamel coating inside the hood for easy cleaning

Where are they Made?

The Artusi are made in Italy

Tucker is an Australian owned and managed brand.

Flame Failure safety device

The Artusi is fitted with a flame failure safety device. This device will shut off the gas should the flame go out. This is a great feature if your area is closed in and in some cases, it is a requirement if 3 or more sides of your area are closed in.

Horizon is not fitted with a flame failure device 


Artusi is fitted with an electric ignition for ease of lighting. This is powdered by a D-cell battery placed in a concealed compartment. Note this can be problematic if not maintained and checked, especially in a coastal environment.

With the Tucker Horizon, each burner is fitted with a piezo ignition and does not require a battery. 

Grease Collection Tray

Artusi has a small cap under the plates so you need to lift the plates to empty the tray, this is a small cap so it is important it is emptied following each cook. It is stainless and can go in a dishwasher.

With the Tucker, the fat collection system runs to the side into a larger stainless bin that can be accessed without needing to lift grills or plates. This is also dishwasher safe.

Burners and heat output

Artusi x4 stainless steel tube burners and stainless burner guards/flame tamers

Horizon has two large double U-shaped burner and very solid guards/flame tamers

Of the two the Tucker can reach a much higher heat at the cooking surface almost twice as hot. 

Gas Type

Artusi is ready to go for LPG/Bottle gas. It needs some simple adjustments to change to Natural gas.

Natural gas jets and regulator are supplied with the BBQ. You will need a hose as this is not supplied due to the fact length needed depends on your installation.

Tucker can be ordered ready for LPG or Natural gas with Natural being $90 more. This comes with a standard 2m hose and regulator. Longer or shorter ones can be supplied on request. 


Artuis Warranty

  • 24 month's Warranty. However, if you register online you can get 5 years

The Tucker Horizon Warranty

  • Stainless steel body 10 years
  • Gas manifold Lifetime
  • Stainless steel burners 2 years
  • Cross lighting panel 2 years
  • Gas control valves 2 years
  • Heat diffuser 2 years
  • Grease collection tray 5 years
  • Ignitions 1 year
  • All other parts 1 year 

Cleaning the BBQ 

The cleaning after each cook is not bad on these two. The drip tray systems work well as long as you don’t leave them until they are overflowing.

When it comes time to do a full clean it is tricky to access the base of the BBQs. The grill holes on the Artusi are only small so you don't get a lot of bits of food falling into the base of the BBQ it tends only to be oils and fats. The drawback here however is cooking on the grill does cook more like a griddle than a grill. 

The Horizon is a very robust unit, feels more like something you would find in a commercial kitchen, so does not need so gentle a hand when cleaning. 

Tucker has a pretty cool tool they sell for about $35. It's a great investment, making for a quicker and easier clean. 

The Video below show clean a very well use bbq. 

Unique features

The Artusi has been approved to be installed indoors (lid model only). This is a pretty unique feature in a Gas BBQ.

From the Artusi manual

This Artusi BBQ is certified for both outdoor and indoor installation under certificates #

GAS-105435-005 (outdoor certification to ASNZS5263.1.7-2016) and GAS-105435-004

(indoor certification to ASNZS5263.1.1-2020 ) issued by Global-Mark. Some differences

exist in re-installation requirements for indoor and outdoor use:

  1. Indoor installation requires a 1200mm clearance between BBQ and rangehood whereas outdoor installation requires 600mm
  2. Indoor installation does not require an interlock
  3. Indoor installation is not approved for use with cooking hood
  4. Indoor installation is not approved with internal gas bottle

The Horizon has a very cool add-on in a removable Charcoal Tray to take your BBQ grilling to the next level. The tray works a lot like an Hibachi BBQ and makes for a very simple charcoal cook 

Should you have any questions or needing any more info please let us know.

17th May 2024

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