BeefEater Smoker Box

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  • BeefEater Smoker Box
  • BeefEater Smoker Box
  • BeefEater Smoker Box
  • BeefEater Smoker Box


Unlock a world of smoky flavour with the BeefEater Smoker Box.

Turn your grill into a smokehouse and infuse your favorite foods with deep, rich smoke flavor. The Smoker Box is crafted from durable stainless steel, designed to last and simple to use.

Fire up endless possibilities. From savoury smoked meats and salmon to smoky vegetables and cheese, the Smoker Box lets you explore a whole new world of grilling.

Easy to use and clean: Simply add your favorite wood chips to the box, place it on your grill, and let the smoke work its magic. Cleanup is a breeze - the stainless steel design makes it dishwasher safe.

Take your grilling to the next level. The BeefEater Smoker Box is the perfect way to add smoky depth and complexity to your favorite grilled dishes. 


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