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Lane's BBQ Honey Sriracha Rub 130g

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  • Lane's BBQ Honey Sriracha Rub 130g
  • Lane's BBQ Honey Sriracha Rub 130g


Introduce a captivating blend of sweet and spicy to your meals with their Honey Sriracha rub. It's an ideal pairing for chicken, pork, and seafood, but particularly enhances the flavours of stir-fry steak and veggies. This rub is a must-have for spice enthusiasts craving that perfect bite!

Get Creative with Honey Sriracha:

From Honey Sriracha Porchetta to Lamb Cutlets with Carrots & Basil Pesto, Lanes Honey Sriracha rub will elevate your culinary creations. Spice up your meals with this tantalising sweet and spicy rub!

A Promise of Quality and Real Flavour:

At Lane's, they are steadfast in our commitment to real ingredients. We say no to unnecessary fillers or chemicals commonly found in traditional supermarket seasonings. Our focus on developing distinct, well-balanced flavours ensures a delicious journey with every dish you cook!

Lanes Honey Sriracha Rub Ingredients:

Their Honey Sriracha rub includes Granulated Honey, Sugar, Salt, Garlic, Pepper, Paprika, and Sriracha Powder. Nothing else is added, ensuring an authentic sweet and spicy experience.

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