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Smokey Joes Rooster Rub

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A good rub should enhance the flavor of the meat without overpowering it. To do this it takes attention to each ingredient and the amount used to strike a balance between the flavors. This chicken rub is a blend of smoked and sweet paprika, herbs, pepper and my own dried lemon zest designed to bring out a slightly spicy and robust flavor when grilling, barbecuing or roasting

Size: 250ml Shaker- 140g

Smokey Joes rubs are an all natural product that are made in Australian in small batches so one can sure the spice is at it's perk freshness. 

all 100% natural, gluten and MSG-free, with no fillers, preservatives, additives, or anti-caking agents.


Smoked Paprika, Brown Sugar, Onion, Lake Deborah Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Mustard Powder, Cayenne Pepper



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