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Why settle for the same old butt when you can have a smokin' one? This barbecue rub pack features only the best barbecue rubs to give your butt the perfect lift. 

Including the Kansas City Butt Spice, the Pig's Ass Rub and the Rub Your Chicken Rub. 

Kansas City Butt Spice is a sweet and smokey Kansas City flavouring to help you barbecue like a champ. 

The Pig's Ass Rub features a blend of spices that make the perfect grill seasoning. With just enough sweet to balance the spice, this recipe is ideal for on steaks, pork, chicken and seafood. 

Lastly, the Rub Your Chicken seasoning is a Carolina recipe that includes vinegar and mustard to create the perfect additional flavouring for pork, ribs and of course, chicken. 

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