Alternative  to the Weber Q

Alternative to the Weber Q

Gone are the days were we limited choice in the Gas portable BBQ market.

Weber has for long time Weber has dominated the small portable BBQ market in Australia with its Web Q range and not without reason. The Q’s have proven to be a very good BBQ and a a you ever find a problem Weber are a great band for help. In a lot of ways the Weber Q in the Toyota Camry of the Australian BBQ world. The product has not

changed much over the years, maybe they got it right and it’s just fine for most people. But now there are many other options to the Q that carry different features, sizes and prices that maybe more to your budget and cooking requirements here are a few. .

Beefeater Bugg

Did someone say hot ? One of the biggest criticisms of the web Q gets is it’s not enough to cook with lid open. With the Beefeater Buggs you will not be disappointed. Beefeater have 2 sizes the Big Bugg a little bigger than the family weber and the Bug about the same size as the 2000 models. Both Beefeater models have 2 burners so you can cook with 2 different heat zones and each burner can push out 16 Mj/hr, Total burner power 32 MJ/hr - HOT!. The spit 50/50 plate and grill is a set up most Aussie BBQ’s prefer over an all grill set up. It all has the added benefit of the hot plate being a reversible griddle plate.

Everdure FORCE And Everdure FURNACE

Heston Blumenthal and Everdure have come up with 2 models the Force a 2 burner with cooking area 2358 cm²

And the larger Furnace with a cooking area of 2915 cm². The cooking area is rectangular in shape so lots of useful space. The main commits we get are about it stylish look and range of colours.

Napoleon Travel Q

Napoleon are one of Weber’s main competitors in the North American market. Here in Australia they have their Napoleon Travel Q Scissor Leg Portable BBQ - TQ285-X-BL-1-AU and Napoleon’s Travel Q PRO 285 BBQ on offer. About the same size as the Weber 2000 with the benefit of having 2 burners for different heat Zones. Like the Weber it come as all Grill with a hot plate being an optional extra.

The Scissor Leg Portable chart is a big trick if you are looking to go places with ease.

MORSØ Forno Gas Grill

From Denmark we have a new player in the market, Morso with it’s Morso Forno Gas Grill with a big focus in terms of design and ergonomics, this grill cooks as good as it looks.

Pellet Grills

A little outside the mix and for those looking to do more in their BBQ’n then I my recommendation would be to check out the range of Small to Medium size Pellet Grills available in Australia, with Brands like Treaeger and Green Mountain Grill offering some great products that you can Grill, Bake, Smoke, Braise and so much more.

A new player in OZ is the SmokePro from Camp Chef offer a Grill temp of upto 260º so no problem getting a good sear on a steak. 

3rd Feb 2020

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