​BBQ Insulation Jackets Do I need one ?

​BBQ Insulation Jackets Do I need one ?


You need an insulated jacket when you are installing the BBQ into cabinetry and you have combustible materials within the clearance area of the BBQ. Each BBQ model is different so you need to check the Manual or Spec sheets for the clearance area needed.

The Insulated BBQ jackets are very important as they will shield the appliance from the structures around the appliance from the excessive heat produced when cooking, keeping the outdoor area cool while preventing a fire or warping. Another added bonus to a jacket is it will protect the BBQ undercarriage from rust and corrosion.

The common combustible surfaces are wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), (MDF) Medium-density fibreboard. Non-combustible materials include such things as brick, Granite and stone .

Some brands have models with the option to buy a Jacket. Tucker and Bullet by Bull are two brands we carry that do.

The Tucker R-Class are built into an installation jacket as standard. 

30th May 2020

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