Designing an Outdoor Kitchen with an Island BBQ

Designing an Outdoor Kitchen with an Island BBQ

One of the most popular outdoor kitchen setups is to include an island. By including an island, you will get abundant counter space to prep and cook. You can design your outdoor kitchen by integrating a BBQ in the middle.

An outdoor kitchen may be as simple as a BBQ with surrounding units for easy preparation of food. By creating an outdoor kitchen, you can carry on cooking and dining alfresco annually. The joy of an outdoor kitchen is that you can fully customise it.

It is crucial that the outdoor BBQ island functions well and offers a safe and convenient way to cook. However, there is no reason why it cannot be an attractive and unique addition to your outdoor space. You can even spruce up an existing barbeque area with these outdoor kitchen design ideas. Here are some ways to create a functional patio barbecue area 

The Benefits Associated with an Island BBQ in Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen design with an island offers value. You will have the convenience of prepping, socialising and cooking with an island BBQ. Moreover, an island offers plenty of workspace on both sides of your cooking area.

By placing the BBQ in the centre, you can include other amenities like a fridge, storage and sink. With this kitchen setup, you can integrate features like an outdoor bartending station. Your guests can easily socialise and mingle when you’re preparing delicacies for them.

The Basics of Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

For an outdoor kitchen, the basic building blocks are a good quality BBQ and a work surface for preparing dishes. Nowadays, most outdoor kitchens are also integrating multi purpose ovens. However, the best way to make the kitchen functional is by installing a top-quality barbeque.

Outdoor kitchens are always a fun addition to a home. Most homeowners customise it to mimic their interior kitchen space. You should place tiles to create a bespoke look. It is normal to get stuck for inspiration while creating an outdoor kitchen area. To get ideas, you can derive inspiration from your interior kitchen.

Try Investing in a Unique Countertop

Like in your indoor kitchen, the outdoor kitchen countertops can add colour to the outdoor space. Countertops can offer your BBQ island a unique look and impress the guests. While selecting a countertop for the outdoor area, it is necessary to choose the right material.

You will also need to consider your budget and how you want to use the BBQ island. For instance, buying BBQs made from stainless steel is a wise decision. BBQs made from stainless steel are durable and can withstand external elements.

The Importance of Range Hoods

In BBQ grills, hoods play an integral role. If your BBQ island is located in an area with poor ventilation, consider installing a hood. Most homeowners tend to design their outdoor kitchen area with hoods even when there’s good ventilation. The top module outdoor kitchens can boost the value of your patio. You can also select a custom hood design that complies with your preferences.

A Separate Structure for your BBQ Island

If you have sufficient space in your patio, design a separate structure for your BBQ island. It will offer your main outdoor living area uncluttered. It also offers your guests respite from the smoke emitted from the BBQ grill. A separate structure will provide your guests with freedom of movement.

Integrating a Pizza Oven is Mandatory in the Outdoor Kitchen

Do you know that a patio pizza oven is a suitable addition to the BBQ island? The outdoor pizza ovens can make the outdoor kitchen area more appealing. They can feed numerous guests and look cool in almost any setting. Another key highlight of these ovens is their versatility.

You can make pizza, roast potatoes, bake cakes, bread or pies, etc. It is recommended that you should invest in a large-sized pizza oven. A large pizza oven will let you prepare more food.

Know about the Benefits of Side Burners

With side burners, you can expand your ability to utilise cooking areas. You will also have the flexibility to cook at separate temperatures. Here are some of the common benefits associated with side burners you should know.

  • Multitasking

With side burners, you can prepare multiple dishes. For instance, you can grill your main course and side dishes properly.

  • Separate Temperature Control

You can cook with multiple heat settings, like boil, simmer, etc., with side burners.

  • Acts as a Backup

It acts as a good backup solution when something goes wrong with the grill.

If you want to illuminate your alfresco area, choosing a BBQ King kitchen is suitable. With the help of these outdoor kitchen ideas, you can impress your guests. 

26th Jun 2023

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