Drop in BBQs - Artusi and the Beefeater Proline

Drop in BBQs - Artusi and the Beefeater Proline

The Drop in BBQ offer a great low proline look to your outdoor kitchen. While the lid does have a slicker styling we do recommend you consider the Hoods as it will open up more cooking options such as roasting and cooking lid down on windy days. Another great bonus with the hood is the a warming rack to service from BBQ.

We get asked a lot about the differentness between Beefeater and Artusi Stainless BBQs. Here are a few notes 

The Stainless Steel

The Beefeater Proline body is 304 stainless. 304 Stainless is a very durable stainless with good anti-corrosive properties. Most commercial kitchens use 304 stainless due to its durability and ease of cleaning. The Artusi is a higher grade of Stainless Steel being 316 Marine Grade. The 316 Stainless has some additional ingredients like molybdenum that gives superior corrosion resistance to seawater and brine solutions.

The finish on the Stainless is very different too, with the Beefeater having a very commercial brush like finish and the Artusi a very high gloss/polish finish in keeping with it Italian styling. 

Cooking area

The Cooking area is very close with the Beefeater being 860mm x 480mm Vs Artusi with 850mm x 480mm

The Beefeater is able to get to a much higher temp and does offer a bit more of an even temp across the cooking due to the fact it has has x6 burner over the Artusi that has x4 in the same cooking area. Each of the Beefeater burners does put out more heat too.

Both BBQs have stainless 304 burner and offer cast iron plates and grills, with the Beefeater having some very heavy duty thick plate and grills. The Artusi has thinner plate and grill does work better with the lower heat output.

Due the placement of the burners the best under the plate of the Beefeater the best set up for the cooking are is to have the Plate in the middle with Grill either side as the two outer burners are a little closer together and share the same control knob. With the Artusi you have the option to move the plate and grills to the set up you like e.g. grill either or a 50/50 spit.

Note While you can get extra grill for both BBQs turn them into all grill you can not make them all plate as both BBQs need the air flow the grill offers or heat will build up in the fire. 


Both BBQs use an Electronic Ignition powdered by a battery for an easier start. 

Note: Need to check battery a few time a year for any battery corrosion

Gas Type

Out of the box the Artusi comes is ready to go for LPG / Bottle gas. But has come with a kit and natural gas regulator to change to Natural gas, in box.

The Beefeater Comes in the box ready for Natural Gas and has a kit in the box to change to LPG / bottle gas.

With both BBQs if you are running Natural gas you will need to get a Natural Gas hose as these do not come with the BBQs due to the fact the leigh needed changes from install to install. 


Artusi 316 has a lower profile hood with no window, it is double layered with the inter layer having an emerald coatings

Proline hood 304 also has no window and is double layered with 304 stainless inter layer 

Artusi hood height 180 mm 

Proline hood height 212 mm  

Made in

The Proline is made in China

The Artusi made in Italy

Grease Collection Tray and Cleaning

Due the design all drop in BBQs are harder to clean when it comes time for the full clean due to access compared to more traditional designs of BBQ.

Proline Grease collects in an open tray at front of grill and plate

Artusi grease collects in a tray under the plates

Note Both need the grease tray cleaned after each cook

We hope this helps, any questions please let us know  

17th Jan 2023

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