What is an alternative to BeefEater 4000SL with an integrated sideburner ?

What is an alternative to BeefEater 4000SL with an integrated sideburner ?

In 2022 BeefEater sadly announced they would be discontinuing the popular 3000s range of BBQs. These 3000s were for many years the flagship of the BeefEater range and played a huge part in building the brand's reputation for solidly built BBQs that last and offer that high heat output people have come to expect from a BeefEater BBQ.

While BeefEater has now replaced the standard 3000s with the new 7000 range with it’s improvement in things like the styling and the drip tray system they have yet to offer an alternative the BeefEater 4000 SL 5 and 4 burner with it’s powerful integrated side burner, cast stainless burner and stainless stainless plate and grills.

So for now If you were wanting a built in BBQ with an integrated side burner there are a few alternatives.

Masport has the Ambassador Deluxe. A 304 Stainless 6 burner BBQ with a side wok burner. This has a cooking close in size to the Beefeater 4000 SL 5 burner at 960mm x 460mm. The Plates and grills are cast iron however, but it does come with a Rear infrared burner perfect for radiant rotisserie cooking, plus the Rotisserie kit and cover come as bonus standard with the BBQ.

If Black is your thing then Gasmate has in the Nova range a 304 Black Graphite Stainless a 6 burner BBQ with a side wok burner. This too comes with a Rear infrared burner plus it has convenient internal lights and blue LED's on control knobs. Cooking area is 960mm x 420mm and like the Masport both the plate and the Grills are cast iron.

Both the Ambassador and the Nova have feet so can sit on their base unlike the 4000SL that hangs from Brackets so in most cases it is an easier install.

The closest BBQ to the 4000SL is the Tucker GTR that like the Beefeater offers stainless plates and grill plus a powerful side wok burner and feature heavy duty stainless. It does have a few upgrades to the 4000 SL too.

  • The Burners are a more efficient design using less gas to achieve a high heat.
  • The Drip tray and base of the BBQ are close in and protected. The Beefeater 3000s has a space between the base of the BBQ and the tray. Thus it is a bit untidy when built into a kitchen and at times when wind is an issue it affects the cook. This is fixed in Beefeaters new 7000 model.
  • The Gas manifold is protected from flame of the burners.
  • There too a few optional extras one can get with the Tuckers too
  • Pro-Sear Plate for the side burner, for when you need extra cooking area or a smaller area.
  • Hood for the side burner
  • Heavy Duty Rotisserie Kit for up 35kg
  • A removable charcoal turning the Gas BBQ into a Hybrid Gas - Charcoal BBQ
  • If you're building into a combustible benchtop or just want a simple install then you can also order an installation jacket with the BBQ.
  • Unlike the Beefeater 3000s that only come in LPG bottle gas and you have to buy a conversion kit you can order the Tucker ready for the LPG or Natural Gas.

In the Tucker GTR range there are a few different sizes from a 3+1 to 6+1. It is important to note that in the GTR range Tucker put an extra burner in the fire box to give a more even heat, so a 5+1 model has the cooking area of most other brands 4 burner BBQ.

Tucker also has some +1’s in the R-Class range, The R-Class is equipped with Tucker's new R Class H Dual Burners and the Built In model comes standard with stainless steel jacket and insulation blanket so you can install it safely into a variety of materials.

17th Jul 2023

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