How to season your BBQ?

How to season your BBQ?

Seasoning the BBQ is the term used for the process of oiling and heating the hot plates and grates for your BBQ. The oil protects the hot plates and grates from rust and makes them easier to clean. It is a good practice to season your BBQ regularly to ensure you and your barbie will remain good mates for the many years to come.

With new plates and grills you will want to remove off any protective coating and factory muck.

We find the best way is to scrub with warm water using a soft brush or sponge and a little dish washing liquid and then be sure and rinse with hot water and dry with a clot.

Once that is done it is time the do the seasoning. Using a high-temperature oil like shortening, peanut oil or canola oil, cover the plate and grill completely on both sides with a thin coating and wipe off excess with a paper towel.

Place plate and grill back in the BBQ and heat the Barbecue to temperature below the smoke point of the fat or oil used for about 30 minutes with hood/lid open this will allow the oil to bond to the cooking surfaces. This temperature will in most cases be around the 180C mark.
Now you are set to go and reminder regular seasoning will increase the performance and life span of the barbecue.
8th Nov 2019

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