Ozpig Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01

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  • Ozpig Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig  Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig  Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig  Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig  Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01
  • Ozpig  Big Pig - OZP-BP001-01


With the Oz pig success over last 13 + years the guys at OZ pig have taken what they have learned and feedback from customers to make the ultimate outdoor stove for the home. With a huge open front door, you’ll love sitting by the fire and soaking up the warmth.

The Big Pig is a great heater, with the door open the heat from the fire within radiates directionally, so you can stay outside in comfort for longer. 

Being a wood fired stove, the Big Pig brings true versatility to your outdoor cooking setup. Used as a stove, you can cook any dish the same way you would on an indoor stove! The Big Pig really comes into its own with an open top design, letting you remove the stove top and cook directly over the wood fire, giving you the amazing flavour that only a wood fire can. 

The Big Pig isn’t like other BBQs, once you’re finished cooking the is still  centre of attention while you sit back and relax with family and friends by the fire. 

Features like dual zone cooking give you the ability to cook a whole meal on top of the stove, with extra heat for boiling pasta on one side while low heat simmers your sauce on the other. Much like the original Ozpig, you can also slow cook dishes on the side plates, taking advantage of radiant heat. This means you can have 4 things on the heat at once, with three times the heat volume and a much larger fire door, making the perfect home unit. 

This Package includes:

1 x Steel Body

1 x Stove Plate

4 x Screw in Legs

2 x Fire Grates

3 x Chimney Sections

2 x Cooking Port Plates

2 x Warming Plates

1 x Lifting Tool (Wood poker & plate lift handle)

1 x Spark Arrestor (this fits to the top of the chimney when assembled) (OZP-BP001-01)

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