Ozpig Diffuser - OZP002-01

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  • Ozpig Diffuser - OZP002-01
  • Ozpig Diffuser - OZP002-01


The diffuser regulates the heat for cooking on top of your Ozpig.

This little beauty is the ultimate tool for controlling the heat generated by your Ozpig. Placed on top of the Ozpig, between the fire and your pot or pan, the diffuser will instantly turn down the heat to make your cooking easier and the results more predictable.

The diffuser consists of two pieces of metal sandwiched together with a gap between each layer and a detachable handle. Then the hundreds of holes on the surface allow the heat to diffuse through evenly and slowly. This simple device eliminates hotspots and distributes heat for even cooking, while also turning the temperature down to a simmer for cooking things like chicken or fish, or for a slow cooked casserole. Or use the diffuser to lower the heat for a tender roast cooked on the rotisserie.

The diffuser also prevents dishes burning on the bottom, such as those precious juices in your camp oven or that delicious loaf of damper. Plus the top of the diffuser is a great way to make toast or to heat up some tortillas for a bacon and egg wrap! And with the heat under control, you can get on with preparing the rest of the meal or you can relax by the fire without having to constantly check on your cooking.

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