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Tucker 316 Marine Grade Architectural Series AD6000 Electric Heater

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  • Tucker 316 Marine Grade Architectural Series A6000 Electric Heater
  • Tucker 316 Marine Grade Architectural Series AD6000 Electric Heater
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The AD6000 is double bulb, 1650mm in total length. 

Tucker’s new Architectural Series heaters are the world leaders in electric outdoor strip heating.

Made from the highest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, the ‘A’ Series Range are designed to last in the harshest environments from the beaches to the snow fields and boast to be the only true marine grade heaters available.

The ‘A’ Series Range of heaters are available in two lengths a compact 1095mm or a larger 1650mm length. With heating elements from 2 kilowatts - 6 kilowatts the range has been designed to heat the smallest to the most demanding outdoor areas with ease and flexibility.

Designed to deliver greater efficiencies from their carbon sprung elements, the A Series heaters are getting up to 90% efficiency from the energy used. Even the smallest A2000 unit will heat up to 9 square metres and the larger A6000 models will heat up to 16 square metres. This makes the A Series range of heaters the best available in this class of heating.

Running costs start from a low 60 cents per hour for the 2 kilowatt A2000 model and a mere $1.80 per hour for the 6kw, AD6000 model.

Installation Information: 

Installation has been made easy with our fully adjustable stainless steel mounting track and bracket system. This enables the installer to have full flexibility when installing the mounting brackets. The A Series stainless steel body is fully insulated thus reducing the chance of heat damaging painted or timber finishes behind the heaters and also allowing flexibility for the installer.

Specifications: A6000

Energy 6 kW / 25 Amps

Size 1650mm (L) x 205mm (W) x 210mm (D) Depth Includes Bracket

Bulb Type Single

Est. Peak Cost  $1.80 / hr


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