Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater - THE 2400

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THE 2400
THE 2400
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  • Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater - THE 2400
  • Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater - THE 2400
  • Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater - THE 2400
  • Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater - THE 2400


Heatstrip 2400W Elegance Radiant Outdoor Heater

Perfect for your protected alfresco area, pergola, veranda or café, Heatstrip Elegance is sleek and discreet, and comes in an “off-white” colour to blend in seamlessly with most white ceilings in alfresco areas.

DIY installation of the 2400 watt model is easy, with the standard bracket enabling ceiling, wall, bean and chain/wire mounting. 

Designed to resist corrosion and handle tough outdoor environments, it comes with a two year residential warranty and one year commercial warranty.

Optional mounting brackets and controllers are also available.

  • Electric radiant heater perfect for your protected alfresco area, pergola, verandah, café or difficult to heat indoor area
  • 3 Models available THE1800 (1800W), THE2400 (2400W) & THE3600 (3600W).
  • World leading element design produces a more compact and higher output heater
  • Corrosion-resistant to handle tough outdoor environments
  • Convenient DIY installation of 1800W and 2400W models. 3600W Model must be hardwired
  • 2-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty

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The table outlines the maximum coverage of each HEATSTRIP® Elegance model based on 3 different scenarios with direct overhead mounting at minimum installation height. For example, for an outdoor area that is protected from pre- vailing winds by walls, café blinds etc, Model THE1800 will cover a maximum of 3.6m2 and Model THE2400 will cover a maximum of 4.8m2.

For the majority of outdoor applications, the most effective method is to spot heat a table or similar area. The diagrams provide an easy selection guide for the approximate model and quantity of heaters required to heat common residential table settings. Selections are based on HEATSTRIP® Elegance being mounted at 2.4m from the floor in an undercover fully enclosed outdoor area.

For angled wall mounting applications, the coverage is reduced by up to 40%.


The installation of HEATSTRIP® Elegance is simple and easy with the standard mounting brackets supplied. For other locations, there are a range of mounting options available – (refer to below diagrams). The HEATSTRIP® Elegance can be mounted directly to the ceiling; angled downwards on a wall; fitted flush with the ceiling; suspended on chains or poles; attached to beams/poles/umbrellas; mounted end-to-end, or 2 units together.

  • Minimum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.1m
  • Ideal mounting height (including flush mount) 2.2m – 2.5m
  • Maximum mounting height (including flush mount) 2.7m/2.8m (indoors)

The mounting height of the electric heater can have a significant impact on performance. For mounting heights higher than the ideal range, we recommend the use of wires/chains or optional extension poles to reduce the height and ensure the heater is within the ideal range. Heater performance may be affected if outside this range.

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